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Sogyal Rinpoche's foreword to 'Fearless in Tibet'

Sogyal Rinpoche (photo by Jurek Schreiner)
Foreword to Fearless in Tibet: The Life of the Mystic Tertön Sogyal

It was just over fifty years ago that the world suddenly became aware of Tibet and its culture, when His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a hundred thousand Tibetan people fled into exile, escaping the destruction in our homeland. Since that time, people in the wider world have discovered our extraordinary living tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, which has prevailed for over a thousand years in Tibet and the Himalayan regions and has often been called one of the last ancient wisdom cultures on earth. With its remarkable knowledge of the mind and its profound disciplines of study and practice, the Buddhist tradition of Tibet produced countless outstanding masters and spiritually realized practitioners. One of these was Tertön Sogyal or Lerab Lingpa, an exceptional figure who lived over a century ago during the lifetime of the 13th Dalai Lama.

As I write these words, I can see the sun gleaming on the copper roof of the temple here at Lerab Ling, the retreat center in France that I founded in the name of Tertön Sogyal. Thinking about him now, I realize that he was someone whose life embraced many different facets and dimensions. To begin with, you could say that he was a spiritual leader, deeply concerned with the future  Read More 
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