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Meditation for Teens...upcoming workshop in Washington DC

Teens face a broad spectrum of causes and conditions for tension and anxiety, which affect their emotional well-being and their whole family. Meditation for Teens is a program designed to help teens address symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, and to help them concentrate on what is meaningful. Studies show that teenagers benefit from a regular mindfulness and meditation practice by improving their sleep, concentration, and dealing with strong emotions.


During this 6-week program at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Washington DC, teens will meet each week as a group with instructor Matteo Pistono to practice meditation techniques that hone concentration, relaxation, and focus. Matteo has been practicing meditation for over two decades, and teaching to adults and teens, in schools and privately, in the DC metro area for the last seven years. The techniques Matteo will teach include learning how pinpoint and reduce areas of tension in the body and mind, regulate breathing to help induce calm, and balance focus and relaxation. Students are welcome to ask questions and engage in dialogue during class, and they will be encouraged to begin a daily meditation practice on their own of 10 minutes a day. The aim of the course is to provide students with a solid basis to continue meditation and stress reduction techniques independently after the course ends.


Sundays from Oct 08, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017 from: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sign up for the course here.



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