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Matteo Pistono's next book hinted at in Washington Post story

In a D.C. writers room, scribes find motivation
Washington Post
By Emily Wax December 25, 2012

Charles McCain groans in his cubicle, hunched over a large frayed chart that maps out the family tree of the protagonist in his upcoming novel about a royal naval officer in World War II. The 57-year-old writer is working in Suite 510, inside a drab 1958 Northwest Washington office building that looks like there might be a detective agency inside and a cigar stand in the lobby.

Next to him is Donna Lewis — a Department of Homeland Security lawyer by day whose comic strip “Reply All” runs around the country and in The Washington Post. Lewis, 50, tugs at her furry scarf as she works on a novel about life interrupting love. At the next workstation, nonfiction writer-activist Matteo Pistono, 42, reads over his research for an upcoming biography on a Tibetan Buddhist leader.

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