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China, Tibet, and the Human Rights Debate

On Thursday, April 7, I presented "China, Tibet, and the Human Rights Debate: Why Can’t the Dalai Lama and China find Common Ground?" at the University of Wyoming International Scholars Lectures Series. An engaged crowd of 100 or so students and professors attended.

The gist of the lecture was this:
The Dalai Lama fled a pursuing Communist army in 1959 after the People’s Republic of China invaded Tibet. The Tibetan spiritual leader has lived as a refugee since, setting up a Tibetan government-in-exile in India, and today traveling the world as the spokesperson for the Tibetan struggle for freedom.  Read More 
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Radio Interview with Pistono on NPR's Open Spaces

WYOMING (WPR) - Matteo Pistono grew up in Wyoming, in Lander. His family was passionate about politics, and Pistono worked on environmental issues in the state. But in the late 90s, he decided to change course. He went to live in the Himalayas, to study Tibetan Buddhism. Pistono tells that story in his new book, In the Shadow of the Buddha. He tells Molly Messick that the decision to go to Tibet very quickly set him on a different kind of path.
(click on OPEN SPACES to listen)  Read More 
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Tibetan Pilgrimage Slideshow at Casper College

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