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Peter Gabriel writes about In the Shadow of the Buddha

"Matteo Pistono chose a journey that, inside and outside, would lead him into unfamiliar territory. He followed the path of one of Tibet’s great mystics through the Land of Snows, but what he encountered was a mass of contradictions: the elusive past and the intrusive present; brutality and torture greeted with nonviolence and  Read More 
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His Holiness the Dalai Lama on In the Shadow of the Buddha

"This story of Matteo Pistono’s quest to visit places in Tibet associated with Tertön Sogyal, the adept who was a companion of the thirteenth Dalai Lama, is revealing not only of the Tertön’s life but also of circumstances in  Read More 
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Kirkus reviews In the Shadow of the Buddha

“Pistono. Matteo Pistono. Buddhist superspy, teaching bad guys the disappointments that come from attachment.

Since 1999, Pistono has been journeying into Chinese-occupied Tibet, porting in messages from the Tibetan government in exile, stealing out with evidence of official misdeeds, such as the mistreatment of a cleric “who was scalded with boiling water and then jailed  Read More 
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Review in Publishers Weekly

I'm pleased with the review in Publishers Weekly (Nov. 8, 2010):

"Pistono draws on his experiences as a journalist, activist, and student of Tibetan Buddhism to explore the intersection between spirituality and politics. He weaves together the stories of his pilgrimages in Tibet, his role in smuggling out evidence of the Chinese government's human rights abuses  Read More 
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Book Tour Schedule

Dates for the book tour have been scheduled for New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Denver and Boulder. Check out the events page for the locations and dates, and email Matteo on the contact page to let him know you will be attending so he can look out for you!!! See you at the book events  Read More 
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