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India Book Launch of "In the Shadow of the Buddha" October 28, 2011 in Bodhgaya

Pilgrimage in Tibet: In the Shadow of the Buddha
Slideshow and book talk with Matteo Pistono
October 28, 2011 8 pm

Wat Pa (Thai-Bharat Society) Buddhagaya Vanaram Temple
Bodhgaya, INDIA
hosted by the International Network of Engaged Buddhist

Pistono draws on his experiences as a journalist and student of Tibetan Buddhism to explore the intersection between spirituality and politics. In a slideshow talk, Pistono weaves together majestic images from the Himalayas, stories of his decade-long pilgrimage in Tibet, and his role in smuggling out evidence of the Chinese government's human rights abuses to the West.  Read More 
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Engaged Buddhism: A Different Kind Of Pilgrimage

There is a great collection of papers on Engaged Buddhism addressing the Future of Buddhism and social action. This collection is being published on the occasion of the bi-annual conference of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) that is happening in Bodhgaya, India from Oct 26-29th. Click on the INEB link to the left to find the conference papers.

Matteo Pistono sits on the Executive Council of INEB and contributed the following to the collection.

By Matteo Pistono

When I first journeyed to Tibet in the late 1990s, I was on a pilgrimage in the foot­steps of a nineteenth-century Tibetan mystic named Tertön Sogyal. A horse-riding bandit turned meditation master,  Read More 
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