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Pistono speaking at Table Tribes series in Wash DC, August 5, 2012

I'm happy to be taking part in an exciting new initiative from TableTribes that is bringing together thought leaders, chefs and mixologists in a collaborative series of stylish picnics. Every Sunday evening from June 24 through August 26, representatives on the forefront of their fields will share their unique insights to a different topic about the collective human experience. I've been asked to lead the discussion on 'Personal Space' on Sunday, August 5th. Check out for more information.

Hosan Lee, Founder and CEO of TableTribes, wanted to build on the ideas of food and community she was exploring through her highly publicized  Read More 
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Talk with NPR's Bill Allred about troubled history and the future of Tibetan Buddhism

Last month, Radio West's host Bill Allred traveled through the Himalayas. He was profoundly affected by the peace-loving people he encountered there and by their stories of the destruction of the Buddhist way of life by the Chinese occupation of Tibet. He wondered: how is it possible for pacifists to stop the assimilation of  Read More 
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