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Peter Gabriel, musician and human rights advocate, on "In the Shadow of the Buddha"

Peter Gabriel’s music and lyrics have impacted me deeply. More than twenty years ago at an Amnesty International rock concert I heard him sing ‘Biko’. That song was an introduction to Stephen Biko and to human rights abuses around the world. But perhaps more importantly, listening to that song was a call to act to combat such abuses.

I wrote about that day in “In the Shadow of the Buddha”:
“I first came to know about human rights when I was sixteen at a music concert in Italy in 1988. I was attending high school as an exchange student in Ravenna, the same year Amnesty International’s Human Rights Now! concert toured the world with Bruce Springsteen, Sting, and Peter Gabriel headlining.  Read More 
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Peter Gabriel writes about In the Shadow of the Buddha

"Matteo Pistono chose a journey that, inside and outside, would lead him into unfamiliar territory. He followed the path of one of Tibet’s great mystics through the Land of Snows, but what he encountered was a mass of contradictions: the elusive past and the intrusive present; brutality and torture greeted with nonviolence and  Read More 
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