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Pre-order Matteo's New Book

Breathing guide and meditation teacher Matteo Pistono offers a how-to book for upgrading your nervous system to live your optimal life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you want to calm your racing thoughts before lying down for a restful night of sleep? Or raise your energy levels before your morning exercise or spin class, and have laser focus before an important meeting? Are you overwhelmed from the flood of information from your social media and news feed? Any time your emotional state is out of balance, there are time-tested, practical methods to breathe your way back into the state of being you want.

You have the capacity to change how you feel, in any moment, when you partner with your breath. It's a matter of paying attention and then consciously altering your breathing pattern.

Too often books on breathing and breathwork coaches do not teach the actual mechanics of breathing. Instead, they guide one-off sessions, teach protocols, or direct you to an app. The consequence of just following a protocol without understanding breathing mechanics leaves the student disempowered and dependent on the teacher. Instead, in Breathe How You Want to Feel, learning functional breathing becomes the basis upon which you gain control of your well-being—it's the secret tool behind resiliency.

Breathe How You Want to Feel offers you a psychophysical tool kit that includes:

  • awareness building,
  • understanding the dials of your nervous system,
  • the importance of nasal breathing,
  • how breath holds (even when very short) are a superpower, and
  • how to integrate optimal breathing throughout your everyday life, especially when you're sleeping.

You'll use these tools to optimize your breathing to overcome being tired, wired, and uninspired. You'll learn how to breathe optimally during your workday, while exercising, when entering meditative and flow states, and for deep rest. And you'll partner with your breath to discover deeper meaning in life, including when you breathe your last breath. This book meets you, the breather, where you are with step-by-step actionable tools to improve your health, sleep, and well-being.


"In Breathe How You Want to Feel, Matteo Pistono weaves ancient wisdom with modern understanding to offer a profound roadmap for harnessing the transformative power of breath. From the foundational principles to the nuanced practices, Pistono brilliantly guides us to unlock the potential of conscious breathing for personal well-being. This book is a toolkit, a companion to help you navigate life's varied landscapes with mastery over your breath. Whether you seek physiological balance, emotional resilience, or spiritual enrichment, this book is an invaluable guide."


  — Patrick McKeown, Founder of Buteyko Clinic International and Oxygen Advantage®, author of The Breathing Cure


"Like breathing itself, this book is clear and gentle. Matteo Pistono has convinced me that how we breathe is a portal to enhanced mindfulness, health, and connection." 


  —Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix and Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey



"Breathe How You Want to Feel  is about more than just breathing—it's about how to live a life that flourishes, and how to die well. This book is inspiring, filled with practical tips and great stories. I've had the pleasure of taking breath classes in-person with Matteo, and he's the real deal."


  — Shelby Stanger, author Will to Wild and Host of REI Co-op's Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast